Young South 

etiquette as well as currently in grade African women are many other areas. 12 aged between finally being given a the character and 15-19 years. chance to make a 

attitudes of these “Through this real difference in young girls will be initiative and the our country and all put to the test and process of before they’ve even refined, giving them transformation, we left high school. The ability to deal will be improving with life’s their lives and A new challenges and raising their own empowerment successes.” Life expectations.” initiative entitled Ciao Bella, aimed at Partners already on From now until the uplifting the lives of board include end of the year, Entertainment, with the selection, one woman working vast experience in recruitment, in the corporate the entertainment administration and sphere to affect real industry, Frank induction part of change. “The Tilley Consulting the programme with primary purpose of and iLearn for the successful this initiative is to presentation and candidates due to satisfy the growth Life Skills training, begin the potential of young SureGrowth who programme in women within 


January 2016. South Africa,” says 

personalised founder Alarece 


Companies wishing Eaton. 

Alarece Eaton: Founder of Ciao Bella 

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Foundation as Ciao donation or that “A secondary focus this project which is economy cannot be Bella’s chosen want to make a 

is to empower and at such a crucial understated,” says charity, Greathearts difference by educate selected infancy stage. We’re Alarece. 

Foundation, On The becoming a sponsor young women in the also appealing to 

Verge, Street School can contact Alarece field of Media and media owners and “We have a carefully – Developing people through the Advertising in order corporate to offerdrafted curriculum through experience initiative’s website. to build future assistance where that will focus on and Trike Films. media leaders.” ever they can.” holistic learning by 

Should you wish to improving the mind Alarece has an apply to be a part of To this purpose, one Ciao Bella is aiming and body of these extensive 

this amazing of South Africa’s to mentor 15 young young women,” she background in opportunity, please leading media girls between the says. “Although Human Resources visit planning, strategy age of 15 and 19 Media skills will be and leadership and buying 

each year for a the main focus of development and a and apply online. agencies, The period of three education, we will has always had the For more MediaShop, has years. They must be also focus on areas desire to help shape information on the raised its hand and in grade 12 and have such as finance both and transform the Ciao Bella Initiative come on board to a 60% average in for business and lives of young or to get involved, help get the 

mathematics to personal, general women. The Ciao please email Alarece initiative off the qualify. 

life skills, 

Bella initiative is on ground. 

self-esteem, building targeted at girls “The importance of confidence, “We’re so grateful to having strong, presentation skills, The MediaShop for educated and health and committing to economically 

wellness, finance the 

independent women mentoring, advertising and as a stable part of communication, 

Empowering Young Potential administration of our growing 

hygiene and 

RCiao Bella

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